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Trenching and Excavation
In Ottawa, Ohio
Serving Communities in Northwest Ohio

Water Solutions Offers Trenching for Drainage Solutions

Water Solutions offers trenching and excavation in Ottawa, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Trenching is one way to solve drainage problems around your home or business. Our team has over a decade of experience handling water and drainage issues. Talk to our knowledgeable staff to see how we can help. Water Solutions can dig French drains, install drains, and much more.

If you have pooling water in your home or business, flooded land, or other water damage, you may have a drainage problem. Call us today from Putnam, Henry, Wood, Defiance, and Hancock counties or the surrounding areas at (419) 523-6403. We offer estimates on all of our services.

What Is Involved in Trenching?

Many home and business owners can experience flooding on their property. A great way to combat this is with trenching. Trenching gives water a place to go instead of into your basement or pooling in the yard or driveway. When used for drainage, the team at Water Solutions will dig a “trench” about 18 inches deep. This will allow for water to run into the trench and avoid expensive water damage. Some drains will have a slope so that water moves further away from the foundation.

Providing Excavation for Water Lines and Wells in Ottawa, Ohio

If you need assistance with water lines and wells in the Ottawa, Ohio, area, count on Water Solutions. We offer excavation to service water lines, wells, and other underground equipment in Northwest Ohio. Pooling water, hearing water running when faucets are off, and lack of water signal that there is a potential line or well issue. From line leaks to installing water filters or pumps, our team can do it all. Talk to our friendly staff today to learn more about our professional excavation service for Hancock County, Ohio, and the surrounding counties.

Water Solutions Can Efficiently Install All Water Equipment

Water Solutions also provides excavation to install water system equipment in Ottawa, Findlay, Bowling Green, and surrounding areas. We provide the following products for our customers:

Do you need new equipment installed for your well or city water system? We work with residential and commercial customers throughout the region to get their water system in working order. Contact us today for more information on our parts and supplies. Our team is your one-stop-shop for water system installation and maintenance in Northwest Ohio.

Choose Water Solutions for trenching and excavation in Ottawa, Ohio.