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Drinking Water Systems
for Northwest Ohio

Water Solutions Offers Clean Drinking Water Systems

Water Solutions offers drinking water systems for Ottawa, Ohio, and surrounding Northwest Ohio areas. We provide reverse osmosis units and water cooler rentals for area homes and businesses. Reverse osmosis units are a great way to provide family members and employees with fresh, clean drinking water. Our water coolers are other great ways to keep office workers refreshed. Are you looking for cleaner, healthier water for your home or business in Northwest Ohio? Call Water Solutions at (419) 523-6403 for an estimate or to learn more. We proudly serve Ottawa, Bowling Green, Findlay, and the surrounding areas.

Providing Water Coolers and Rentals to Ottawa and Northwest Ohio

Along with reverse osmosis units, Water Solutions in Ottawa offers water coolers to homes and businesses in Northwest Ohio. We offer products from WaterLogic to give our customers the best of the best. Reduce your plastic use by installing a new water cooler in your business. Water coolers offer clean, fresh water that tastes great. Great for offices, industrial sites, and even homes, water coolers will keep your family and employees refreshed. Water Solutions offers water cooler rental options, too. Contact us today.

What Is a Reverse Osmosis System?

Reverse osmosis systems are great ways to remove unhealthy bacteria from your drinking water. These units filter out almost all contaminants, including chemicals, sediment, copper, lead, and more. Reverse osmosis systems leave homes and businesses with fresh, great-tasting water. Instead of wasting money on bottled water, you can trust that a reverse osmosis system will keep your tap water safe. Keep in mind that reverse osmosis water is also safe for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and more.

Are you looking to eliminate harmful chemicals or minerals from your water in Northwest Ohio? Make a call to Water Solutions in Ottawa. We will be happy to provide an estimate on reverse osmosis systems and provide expert installation. We offer Twist Loc units from Vesta and Aqua Flo units from Hydrotech.

Choose Water Solutions in Ottawa, Ohio, for quality drinking water systems.