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Water Filtration for Homes and Businesses

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Water Solutions in Ottawa, Ohio, installs and services water filtration devices throughout Northwest Ohio. Many home and business owners choose water filters to keep their potable water supply safe. Water filtration systems can keep bacteria out and allow for safe water for drinking, cooking, and more. We also provide water testing to determine what the problem is. Water Solutions installs water filtration devices from quality brands like Vesta Water. Water filtration systems can remove dirt, sand, sediment, pesticides, iron, sulfur, and more. Call us today at (419) 523-6403 for an estimate or to learn more. We serve residential and commercial customers in Putnam, Hancock, Defiance, Wood, and Henry counties and the surrounding areas.
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How to Tell What the Water Problem Is

Check for these signs to best determine what is causing your water issue. While there are many different types of contaminants, we regularly treat Northwest Ohio homes and businesses for these issues:

Sulfur: Causes rotten egg smell in water. You may notice a yellow hue to the water, too. Hydrogen peroxide systems can help to remove sulfur and carbon from the water.

Iron: Water will turn red or brown when standing. In some cases, the water will be discolored when flowing from the faucet. You may notice red or brown stains in sinks, bathtubs, and even washing machines.

Bacteria: Bacteria is not usually as easy to find in water without testing. If your household or customers experience flu-like symptoms when drinking the water, there could be a bacteria problem. Other signs can include abdominal cramps and loss of energy. UV light filters are a great way to kill off this harmful bacteria.

Chlorine: Some homes and businesses may experience high levels of chlorine. Cloudy and strong-smelling water are tell-tale signs. You may experience dizziness, nausea, and headaches after consuming.

If you are still unsure, Water Solutions in Ottawa, Ohio, can help. We can install a new filtration system, including hydrogen peroxide filters, UV lights, and more.

Choose Water Solutions for Hydrogen Peroxide Systems

Water Solutions offers hydrogen peroxide systems to homes and businesses in the Northwest Ohio region. Hydrogen peroxide systems remove sulfur from water, making it safer to drink. The system can convert hydrogen sulfide gas and iron into solids, which is then removed by an attached carbon filter. This activated carbon filter can remove bad tastes, smells, and chlorine, as well. Our team can install a hydrogen peroxide system in your pond, well, or other water supply source to create healthier water. Ask about rental options for hydrogen peroxide systems.

UV Lights to Remove Bacteria from Water in the Ottawa Area

One way to remove bacteria from your water is to install a UV light. Water Solutions offers UV water filtration devices that can remove even the smallest bacteria and contaminants. No matter if you use well water or city water, anyone can benefit from a water filtration system. Talk to Water Solutions in Ottawa, Ohio, today to learn more about the UV filtration systems that we offer.

Water Solutions Offers Water Filtration for Ponds

Do you have a pond at your home or business? Make sure it is safe to use with water filtration. Water Solutions can properly test your water and keep the pond free of bacteria and other issues. Our team has years of experience and is here to listen to your concerns. Keep your pond looking great and healthy with a call to Water Solutions today.

Contact Us for Water Filtration in Northwest Ohio

If you want to better protect your water in Findlay, Ottawa, Pandora, or surrounding areas in Ohio, contact Water Solutions. Our team has the necessary experience in solving our customers’ water problems. From hard water to bacteria and contamination, allow our team to treat your water and have it ready for use. We can also provide water testing to find the problem and properly treat it.

Choose Water Solutions in Ottawa, Ohio, for water filtration.