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Water Treatment
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Water Testing to Find Bacteria, Hardness, or Contaminants in Ottawa

Water Solutions offers quick water testing to residential and commercial customers in the Ottawa, Ohio, area. Water testing can help to find various bacteria and contaminants, like E. coli, coliform, and others. We can also test for hardness, iron, and other issues that may appear in your water. If you notice cloudy water, foul odors, or odd tastes, consider professional water testing. Water Solutions can visit your location to collect a sample. We can either test it on-site or send to a lab, which we will receive results within a few days.

Water Solutions Can Solve Water Problems in Northwest Ohio

Water Solutions offers water treatment in Ottawa, Leipsic, and Pandora, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Our team has over a decade of experience combating even the most severe water problems. As all home and business owners know, water is essential to daily life. Without clean water, you cannot cook, clean, or drink. Talk to our staff today for more information on the following products and services:

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Our team travels throughout the region to help home and business owners restore function back into their water system.

Water Softeners to Combat Hardness in the Pandora, Ohio, Area

If you have hard water at your home or business in the Pandora, Ohio, area, consider a water softener. Water softeners can help to remove hardness and treat your water. Hard water can affect your appliances, plumbing, and other uses. Water Solutions can install or replace a water softener at your home or business. We work with great brands like Vesta Water to provide quality equipment in Pandora, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Water Solutions also offers water softener rental options. Ask about free salt delivery!

Drinking Water Systems and Water Cooler Rentals

Water Solutions offers drinking water systems and water cooler rentals for Leipsic, Pandora, and the surrounding areas. Reverse osmosis systems remove almost all contaminants, like lead and copper, from the water. This makes for safe drinking, cooking, and cleaning. We also provide WaterLogic water coolers for businesses and homes in the area. Talk to our staff today to learn more or to ask about rental options.

Call Us for Water Filtration Services in Leipsic, Ohio

If you are looking for ways to keep water clean and fresh at your Leipsic-area home or business, ask about water filtration. Water Solutions offers various water filter options, including UV lights from Viqua. Contact our knowledgeable staff to learn more about our water filtration devices.

Choose Water Solutions for water treatment in Ottawa, Leipsic, and Pandora, Ohio.